How do I register for an event(s)?
All registration forms come through our National Office for all events. You can register online with a credit card, register via fax with a credit card, or register by mail with a check or credit card. To register you must complete the registration form, tournament selection form, and roster form. These items, plus payment must be received in our office by our entry deadlines. Refer to the size limit listed on the tournament selection sheet to find the maximum number of teams that can enter.

What rules are used by MAYB events?

Summer Tournament Regulations and Guidelines

Winter Tournament Regulations and Guidelines

I would like to hold a place for my team in your tournament. How can I do this?

MAYB does not hold spots in tournaments for teams. Faxing a registration form without payment, roster, and tournament selection does not reserve you a spot. You can fax forms required with a credit card number. As soon as the card is run, you will be officially entered. Obviously MAYB will attempt to work with you as much as possible but saving spots for an event is not an option.

How many players must I have on my roster and how much do they have to play?

We do not have roster size limits or playing time requirements. Our events are competitive events. We would suggest rosters of at least eight players for each weekend. When playing five or more games in a weekend, a strong bench is very, very important. We would also suggest getting kids plenty of playing time. That is what we are here for!

I need to make a roster change for an upcoming event. How do I go about doing this?

All roster changes should be changed on the website, faxed or e-mailed to our office at least 24 hours before the start of the tournament. In addition, you should notify the tournament director if you have made a recent change. Do this before you play your first game. Make sure all players that will play that weekend are in the scorebook from the first game on, even if they are not available until later in the weekend. Programs are not official rosters. These usually go to print about two weeks before the tournament. We understand the need to add players but we do not want an instance where someone adds players after the start of an event to simply enhance the chances of winning the event.

I coach two teams and I have a baseball game on Friday night. Can I make special requests to avoid conflicts?

MAYB will attempt to honor all special requests but we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible for many reasons. An example is starting the Summer Kickoff Event on Saturday. Since this event starts Friday at noon it is very hard to get all pool games in on Saturday. For the most part, we do our best and appreciate you understanding our situation.

Why are all Kansas teams required to attend the Summer Kickoff Tournament?

This event is the major fundraiser for MAYB and it is what allows us to function on a year-round basis. Only if there are special events or conflicts is a KS team allowed to bypass this event. We do appreciate your cooperation with this.

If I register for the 4-tournament package and then wish to add another tournament do I have to fill out another registration form and what is the cost?

After the 4-tournament package, the cost of all additional events is only $225.  Another registration form is not required. Simply contact the office via e-mail or fax with desired additions. Please include details as to your team name, grade division, and desired addition. This can be done at any time before each tournament deadline, but is best done early to ensure placement in the event. Many events do fill before deadlines.

I registered for six events in May. It is now June and we cannot attend one of the events. What can I do?

As long as the individual deadline for the event has not passed, a team may make changes to their schedule at any time or request a partial refund. Once deadlines are past, changes are not possible and fees are not refundable in most instances. In other words, you can always make a switch, additions or special requests after initial registration as long as the event has not reached its individual deadline.

What is the fewest number of teams required to make a division go during the summer season?

A tournament must have at least four teams in a grade division to exist. If an event has at least 16 teams we will have an A and B bracket available in some manner. The average summer MAYB event will have 100-120 teams present.  MAYB reserves the right to combine grade divisions without notification.

What are the rules concerning eligibility?

Teams are grouped by grade, not age! For example, the 8th grade division is for student/athletes in the 8th grade during the previous or existing school year. There is also an age cut-off to limit 16 year olds from playing 14 year olds etc., but the first criteria is grade. In general, a player may have been held back in school one year and still be okay, just as they would be under National High School Federation rules. If you have a concern during a tournament, please bring the problem to the attention of the directors before playing against the team in question. A younger player can always play up and may also be participating in more than one division of the same tournament. So, an 8th grader could play on an 8th grade team, and a 9-10th grade team, but not on two 8th grade teams.  MAYB does reserve the right to combine grade divisions up or down one level.  We will always try to keep divisions separate but if we need to combine we will not call to notify teams before the tournament.  New in 2020 – A player that has been academically advanced may participate in the grade they should be in via his/her birth through the 7th grade year.   For example if you are in the 8th grade but you are still 13 years old through Aug. 1st you can play in the 7th grade division.  This exemption does not apply to kids that have entered high school.

What size ball is used for youth boys’ events?

Each state will use the rules of their State Federation. In Kansas, 7th graders still play with a women’s size ball. This is not true for many other states. Check with the local director to establish ball size for these age groups. Starting with the 8th grade boys, all teams will play with the men’s ball at all events. Seventh grade boys will play with the men’s ball at the August Nationals.

Why and when do you use a running clock?

MAYB uses a running clock to regulate game length. We do not wish to be off schedule and this helps. It also reduces timing and scoring errors. The clock does stop following regular timing rules during the last two minutes of each half as long as the game is within 15 points. Any time a lead falls below 15 the clock will stop. The clock is never restarted following a timeout until it would be in a regular game. The running clock does shorten a game, but it does not change it. Deliberate delay tactics can be dealt with via technical foul or stopping the clock. Our studies have found the average court time of a regulation game verses a running clock results in loss of 4:27 in playing time. Therefore, a 20 minute running clock with stoppage in the last two minutes of each half is equal to 15:33 of regulation time, or a little less than four eight-minute quarters. Of course excessive fouling will reduce actual playing time.

What uniform and number restrictions does MAYB require?

We ask that each team have two colors to wear at games. These may be reversible or separate jerseys. We do not restrict numbers but would encourage you to have numbers that meet Association standards for the officials to help them out. We also encourage numbers on front and back of jerseys.

Where can I find my playing schedule each weekend?

Schedules should be posted on our website at www.mayb.com 3-5 days in advance of your start date. You might also receive a copy to your email address by this time. Our directors are aware that you must make plans in advance and will strive to do this. If you do not get your schedules 3-5 days in advance, please e-mail us.

Where can I find results of completed events?

Results from events will be posted on the website as soon as possible following an event.

My team was only able to play three games in the last tournament. Do we get a refund?

If the director made a mistake and did not schedule you for four games then, yes, they owe you a partial refund. If a team simply did not show up we can try to get another team to fill in during that time slot but since officials are paid and court time rented, there is no refund due from the area director. If you have a problem at an event, always feel free to give us a call.

My team has to drop a tournament. Do we get a refund?

We offer a tournament credit of the entry fee if a team drops before the tournament deadline.  If a team drops from a tournament after the deadline a credit is not guaranteed.  We will search for a paid replacement and if a team pays to take the place of the dropped team, then a credit is given. If a paid replacement is not found, then the entry fee is lost.  Visit the schedule page for tournament deadlines.